Save Lennox Campaign ยป

Two years ago, in May 2012, Lennox was seized from his family home based on his appearance by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens. Lennox is an adult American Bull dog Labrador cross, who has never had any behavioural problems, has an excellent temperament, and has grown up around children. He is a much loved family pet, but because he meets the measurements of a “pit bull type”, he is deemed unsafe.

His family have battled to try and save him, taking as much legal action as possible to prevent his destruction. On July 2nd 2012, they have acknowledged there is nothing left to try through the courts. Lennox has been living in council kennels for two years and the family can no longer bear to leave him in this situation.

There is a very slim hope that Lennox may be able to rehomed in the USA, but if not, Lennox’s family will have to battle to be allowed to say goodbye to their dog before he is euthanised.

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