Pembroke Welsh Corgi at the FCI Agility World Championships 2014

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"Fuck yo ambitions"

this is honestly the best post and so like dogs its not even funny

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Hunter2ndlegcardi by Koratcats on Flickr.
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Agility by gkuester on Flickr.

Agility by gkuester on Flickr.

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2013 11 03_Herding Trial_7412 by AGrahamPhoto on Flickr.
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Manchester Dogs Home is a rescue centre for stray, abandoned, or neglected animals in Manchester, England. A fire broke out on September 11th and the main building collapsed, with many of the animals still trapped inside.

At least 43 dogs are confirmed to have died after a suspected arson attack at Manchester Dogs Home.

A male youth has now been arrested on suspicion of deliberately sparking the fire at the animal charity’s rehoming centre in Harpurhey tonight.

More than 20 firefighters are battling the blaze that engulfed the building in Mossbrook Road.

Manchester Evening News:

Other rescue centres have stepped in to help with the animals who were rescued from the building, but the charity have lost their Manchester base and everything inside.

You can donate here:

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That little tail wag kills me

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Have a Weimaraner or a Vizsla?

A shelter dog, remember never support dog breeders guys!

This bothers me. Just because you buy from a breeder doesn’t make you a bad person. The bad people are the ones who get a dog or dogs and they don’t have time to…

Ah but you are supporting dog breeding, rather than saving a life you are supporting bringing more unneeded pups into the world when there are thousands upon thousands of dogs being put down. You’re not a bad person, just ignorant. Shelter dogs don’t always have special needs, have you ever been to a pet adoption of looked on You could rescue a certain breed, or at least a mix of your breed you want so badly! Another amazing thing about shelter pups is most of the time you are told the animal doesn’t do well with kids/cats/other animals. You are also allowed to have a trail period with dogs and take them home to make sure they fit in comfortably with your lifestyle. Plus most of the time people are trying to make money off dogs and that is disgusting. PLEASE GIVE A SHELTER PUP A CHANCE AND SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PET. 

Ah, so many buttons pushed all in one post! Let’s address a few things:

1) Responsible dog breeders don’t bring “unneeded” pups into the world. They do good work by working toward improving breed health and helping to preserve the breed. If there were no more dog breeders in the world, we would be left with no more dogs. Plus, you have to consider that some dogs are bred and raised for specific tasks that cannot be done by a shelter dog. Guide dogs for the blind, to name just one.

2) If I choose to get a dog from a breeder, it’s not my fault that other dogs die in shelters. It’s the fault of people who dumped them there. It’s ridiculous to try to blame responsible dog owners for the actions of other, irresponsible people.

3) You assume that people who get dogs from breeders are a) ignorant; b) have never considered adopting; and c) are actually able to adopt. These are not fair assumptions at all, and it’s not reasonable to make such wide-sweeping generalizations about a large group of people in this way. I don’t feel the need to go into a detailed rebuttal of this because these assumptions are so completely unfounded that they simply don’t warrant it. The burden of proof should be on you to show exactly why these things are true for every single person who decides to get a dog from a breeder, rather than taking it for granted.

4) Rescuing a specific breed or even a specific mix is actually pretty difficult if you’re looking for a rarer breed (aka any sighthound ever other than a Greyhound). Plus, if you’re really interested in “saving a life,” adopting a rarer purebred is out of the question because those dogs are very rarely at risk for euthanasia. Some are in such high demand that there are waiting lists for them and some rescues even import dogs from other countries in order to satisfy the demand (flying Galgos into the US from Spain to adopt them out is becoming more common, for example). Meanwhile, while only 30% of dogs surrendered to shelters are bully type dogs, 60% of dogs which are euthanized in the US are bully types. If the ultimate goal is saving lives, why would you support a rescue which spends thousands of dollars to import dogs from other countries to sell to adopters, rather than advocating for everyone to go and adopt a “pit bull,” a dog at actual risk for euthanasia, instead?

5) An amazing thing about getting a dog from a breeder is you know the animal’s genetic history and predisposition and are in control of its socialization and training from the very beginning. If you do your research it is actually more predictable than an adopted dog, whose history will often be largely unknown.

6) If you buy a dog from a responsible breeder, they will take the dog back at any time for any reason. Though I’m honestly not sure what your point is with the whole “trial period” thing anyway, because most shelters stipulate that the dog be returned to them if you can no longer keep it (which will happen to at least 1 in 5 dogs adopted out), making its entire life a “trial period” essentially.

7) Responsible breeders are never about the money. You’re thinking of puppy mills and backyard breeders, which are things that no responsible dog owners support. Once again, you are making a baseless assumption about a large group of people.

8) Screaming at people to spay and neuter their pets is stupid. Spaying and neutering actually has numerous, complex pros and cons which should be carefully considered by every pet owner, rather than needlessly removing your pet’s organs without a second thought. Speutering is not necessary to control pet overpopulation, as has been proved by countries where speutering dogs is illegal and yet the shelter pet population is nonexistent. Unfortunately, this is not up for debate with the vast majority of shelters and rescues in the US, who will refuse to adopt out to people with intact animals, even if the owners have valid reasons for abstaining from the procedure. In this case, it’s not so much about “saving lives” as it is about furthering a specific propaganda, and it’s dishonest to give the appearance that it’s solely about the former.

Let me be clear: I’m all for getting a dog from a shelter or rescue. But I’m also all for getting a dog from a responsible breeder, and holding the right people accountable for their irresponsibility rather than using emotional manipulation to sell your agenda. The whole rescue vs. breeder debate has needlessly become a bitterly divisive topic among animal lovers, which is ultimately to the detriment of animals everywhere.

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DSC07186 by missscarlet9 on Flickr.

DSC07186 by missscarlet9 on Flickr.

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